Theatre Cares – Hope for the Holidays

Dear Friends,
Live theatre is back – and so is Theatre Cares. We have been raising funds for vulnerable members of our community since 1991. Our commitment to our community and province continues as we set about bringing Hope for the Holidays.

Thousands of people in British Columbia have been impacted by yet another extreme weather event. Severe rainfall on Nov. 15 has forced over 15,000 people to evacuate from southern, coastal and interior regions. A month’s worth of rainfall in 24 hours has washed away highways connecting the lower mainland with the rest of Canada. People have been cut off from their loved ones and essential services, some having their homes flooded or washed away. The Canadian Red Cross is providing emergency support services for people who have had to flee their homes providing shelter, basic needs, and emotional support.

Theatre Cares Vancouver invites you to be a part of our fundraising efforts to give to the British Columbia Floods and Extreme Weather Appeal run by The Canadian Red Cross. Simply click on the portal below. Your receipt will be generated and emailed to you automatically.
Thank you in advance for bringing Hope for the Holidays.

Diane Brown
Theatre Cares Committee Chair
phone 604 764 1817