Theatre Cares Vancouver 2015

World Aids Day, Dec. 1, 2015, Vancouver, B.C. — Theatre Cares Vancouver is proud to announce that this year Theatre Cares raised an astonishing $27,000 for our charities. Huge thanks to The Arts Club Theatre, Vancouver Opera Association and Bard on the Beach.

Theatre Cares annually provides the performing arts community a chance to raise funds for important charities. Donations are collected at all participating theatres. This year’s mission was to raise funds and awareness for the Actors’ Fund of Canada, the Performing Arts Lodge which provides safe and affordable homes for people in the creative community, AIDS Vancouver, Positive Living B.C., and the Stephen Lewis Foundation, an organization dedicated to the relief of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa.

Theatre Cares Vancouver is a volunteer-run organization of professional theatre artists who have been raising awareness and funds since 1991 for people in our community living with challenges including HIV/AIDS. Throughout each year, Theatre Cares raises money at different local theatres, whose generous patrons give donations.

Finding money to keep much-needed programs going in our performing arts community and larger community is not the only obstacle. Education appears to be sorely lacking as well, particularly for those living with HIV/Aids. In 2004, the Canadian AIDS Society reported that a large number of youth believe there is not only a cure for HIV/AIDS, but there is also a vaccine available to prevent HIV infection. There isn’t.

JOIN US! The Theatre Cares Vancouver web site will list all participating theatres and provide links to their sites and/or to purchase tickets so people can find out at a glance where they can go to see a great show and also donate to a worthy cause. Vancouver’s theatre artists and audiences have shown tremendous support in past years, and we thank you all sincerely.

Actors’ Fund of Canada
Stephen Lewis Foundation
Postive Living B.C.
AIDS Vancouver
Performing Arts Lodge of Vancouver,

Diane Brown, Chair Theatre Cares Vancouver