So far this year, 2016, Theatre Cares Vancouver has raised $15,316.45

So far this year, 2016, Theatre Cares Vancouver has raised $15,316.45 in donations from the generous audiences of The Arts Club Theatre. A sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to them, and all of the Arts Club staff, for helping us raise money for our important charities.

“It is quite remarkable that you raise so much money year after year and allocate a hefty amount to the Stephen Lewis Foundation. I know many people who work in the theatre and its often done more as a labour of love….so this thank you doesn’t begin to convey how wonderful I think you all are.

We sincerely appreciate the longstanding support of Theatre Cares Vancouver, which has become so critical to the grassroots organizations that are turning the tide of AIDS in Africa.

…Let’s start with the obvious. Meeting the basic needs is a critical piece that cannot be ignored: children are in school, grandmothers have housing and food, people living with HIV and AIDS have access to home-based care, and women who experience sexual violence are supported.

But this is not the whole picture. Resilience is the word….it is not quantifiable and its not yet tracked by any international donors or funders. Not yet. But soon. The Stephen Lewis Foundation is in the midst of extensive consultation with our community-based partners to develop resilience-focussed Impact Assessment Framework. This would allow us to encourage and support people to do more, to allow them to live meaningful lives. To get them to the point where they realize that they have the energy and the capacity to do more. Get them to a place where they can see their future…” Stephen Lewis Foundation, Janet Solberg.

“…with your support we are able to continue helping entertainment industry members and their families through difficult times..with over $460,000 to aid professionals in times of need, through their injury and illness…” Actors Fund of Canada, David Hope

“On behalf of the members and the staff, I would like to say how appreciative and honoured we are that you chose Positive Living Society BC….you support goes to our Health and Wellness program, which offers a naturopathic clinic, dental hygiene and educational workshops for our members living with HIV. This program is constantly growing…another direct impact of your donation is our Healing Retreats which provide therapeutic workshops, meaningful peer connections and healthy recreation in a beautiful natural environment twice a year.” Positive Living of BC, Val Nicholson.